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New & Used Farm Equipment in Manitoba: Check our new Spring Collection

As the snow melts away and the warmth of spring breathes new life into the fields and gardens, it’s time to gear up for a season of growth and productivity. At Altona Farm Services, we have an extensive selection of new and used farm equipment perfectly suited to meet farmers’, landscapers’, and homeowners’ diverse needs. Whether tending to acres of farmland or nurturing your backyard oasis, we have everything you need to make this spring your most successful.

TYM Tractors: Power and Precision for Every Task

At the heart of any farming operation lies the trusty tractor, and our lineup of TYM Tractors delivers unparalleled power, performance, and reliability. From compact models ideal for small-acreage farms to heavy-duty workhorses capable of tackling the toughest tasks, TYM Tractors are engineered to exceed expectations. With innovative features and cutting-edge technology, these tractors empower you to work smarter, not harder, allowing you to maximize efficiency and productivity on the farm.

Compact Equipment for Lawn and Garden: Effortless Maintenance, Exceptional Results

For homeowners and landscaping professionals seeking to maintain pristine lawns and gardens, our selection of compact equipment offers the perfect solution. From compact tractors to compact attachments to go along with them, our lineup is designed to handle a wide range of tasks with ease and efficiency. Whether you’re digging, hauling, or levelling, our compact equipment ensures that every job is completed quickly and effectively, leaving your outdoor spaces looking their best.

Zero-Turn Mowers: Precision Cutting Performance

Experience the ultimate in lawn care with our zero-turn mowers, renowned for their unmatched maneuverability, precision cutting performance, and superior comfort. With intuitive controls and high-speed capabilities, these mowers make quick work of even the largest yards, allowing you to achieve professional-quality results in less time. Say goodbye to cumbersome steering and uneven cuts – with a zero-turn mower from Altona Farm Services, you’ll enjoy a flawless lawn with minimal effort.

Sweep-All Lawn Sweep: Keep Your Property Clean and Tidy

Say goodbye to unsightly debris and clutter with the Sweep-All Lawn Sweep, the perfect tool for keeping your property clean and tidy year-round. Whether you’re clearing leaves, grass clippings, or other debris, this versatile attachment effortlessly collects and deposits waste into a convenient hopper for easy disposal. With adjustable height settings and durable construction, the Sweep-All Lawn Sweep is a must-have accessory for any lawn or garden maintenance arsenal.

Riteway Land Rollers: Achieve Smooth, Uniform Seedbeds

Prepare your fields for planting with Riteway Land Rollers, designed to deliver smooth, uniform seedbeds and optimize seed-to-soil contact for maximum germination and yield. Available in a range of sizes and configurations, these rugged rollers are built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, ensuring reliable performance season after season. Whether you’re levelling plowed fields or breaking up the dirt, Riteway Land Rollers provide the perfect finish for your seeding operation.

Truck Load Augers and Belt Conveyors: Streamline Your Grain Handling Process

Streamline your grain handling process with our selection of truckload augers and belt conveyors designed to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime during harvest season. Whether you’re loading trucks, filling bins, or transferring grain to storage facilities, our augers and conveyors deliver fast, reliable operation to keep your operation running smoothly. With durable construction and user-friendly features, these essential tools are sure to become invaluable assets on your farm.
At Altona Farm Services, we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality equipment and exceptional service to help them succeed. With our extensive range of new and used equipment, expert advice, and unmatched customer support, we’re your one-stop shop for all your agricultural and landscaping needs. Visit us today to explore our latest offerings and gear up for a season of success!