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2024 Salford I-5200 Enforcer 29′ **Coming Soon**

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  • Brand: Salford
  • Condition: New
  • Type: Tillage


2023 Salford I-5200 Enforcer 29′

• FAST & AGGRESSIVE – The 5200 ENFORCER expands on the capabilities of its predecessor, the
I-5100, in tough field conditions. The ENFORCER is engineered to level and uniformly mix soil
and residue between 3 inches and 5 inches. The redesigned blade layout increases the stability of
the machine.

• EVEN MORE CLEARANCE – The patent pending rubber suspension blade mount has been
completely redesigned to create even more clearance between the four rows of concave blades. The
four rows of blades on a deep frame give the 5200 ENFORCER much more clearance than compact,
high speed discs.

• SUPERIOR FINISHING – Four rows of concave blades replicate two passes with a tandem disc or
compact disc. The tillage action from the four rows of blades creates a superior residue blend and field
finish in one pass that is often ready as a stale seedbed in the spring.

• WET OR DRY – The heavy-duty blade mounts and added clearance on the 5200 penetrate dry, hard ground
and won’t plug in wet soil.

• COMPOUND BLADE ANGLE – The 5200’s patent pending rubber
suspension blade mounts hold the blade on two angles; the first three
rows are open faced similar to position the blade similar to the angled
gang on a tandem disc.
The blades are also tipped under to create suction that holds the 5200
in the ground when going through hard soil.

• LEADING OBSTACLE PROTECTION – The 5200’s rubber suspension
blade mounts allow each blade to flex up to 5 inches for industry
leading obstacle protection. Since each blade faces obstacles on it’s
own, unlike a tandem disc, the 5200 excels in rough, rocky fields.

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